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My  father  was injured  during his military service WWII.  While recuperating  and  to pass the time , he  created  numerous drawings and  sent them home  to my mother.  As a child, from time to time I used to study and  trace  these drawings .

My father  had seen  my intrest and provided me with types of  tools for drawing and from that point on  I  knew where I was headed.


All through out high school I entered competitions, winning  numerous awards in illustration. I won  several Gold  Keys (placing higher than 1st place) and a "Hallmark Nominee  Award".... and had a portrait displayed in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington D.C. (Thanks Mr." E.")


I  received  a  scholarship  to the Art Institute of  Pittsburgh and when I returned  home, looking for a job,  destiny  intervened, enter John Dalton of "John's Custom Art Center". He took me in under  his  wing  and  taught  me  airbrushing  and  an  art form  of  detailing  techniques  that I never  seen. He  shared  all  of his knowledge and skills with me knowing that one day his endeavors  would  take him in a different  direction.   When he left  the  area, I  began flying solo and opened  "Denise Moyer's State of-the-Art Design."  - Today  that was 25 years ago!


In  those  early  years I  started  doing  signs for  contractors,  lettering  vans and  company trucks . I slowly began with  more pictorial work  with contractor  designs.   I was them contacted  by  a few  local  body shops for  mural  work. This  got my  attention  focusing  more  on murals.  Two friends of  mine who raced  drag bikes had  me paint  their bikes and that sparked  my interest for motorcycles,  which is now  80%  of  my  work  load.


Over the years I've  done an array  of  projects  ranging  from  portraits  to  hand  painted  mirrors,  things  that  roll, things that fly and  things  that  just  plain  sit  still.


I  strive for perfection, creating  one  of  a  kind  realistic "theme" based  ideas.


I  feel my  buisness  is still  growning  and reaching  its  level  of   success  because I  consider  myself  as  the  customer......when I  take  on  a  project, I  put   myself  in  their  shoes and look  to get  the most detailed,  exciting,  end   result,   so when   the customer   leaves ,  they  are  speechless.  With my  high  standard  as  the cornerstone ,  I  try  to  comply with what I  think  the client  would  like,  above and  beyond,  always  focusing  on  realism  - MAXIMUM DETAIL!


I've  truly  have come to learn that hands on  experience  is the best teacher.  No matter  how  many  mistakes  you  may make ,  they  can   be some  of  the  best  end results.  It  is  not  always an  easy  road  to be on ,  but if  you  truly  love  what  you  are  doing  grow   with  each  experience.  It' s all  worth it  when  you  see  your  product  having  crowds  o f people  around  just  studying  your work  saying  "how  did they do that?".


To produce works  of  art  that  fulfill  the senses  of  on-lookers ,  is  one of  the greatest rewards of  this profession., it is a God given talent.


Many Thankx to my  husband Jesse, my Family and Friends.

Special Thankx to John R., Terry and Brenda, Diane W, Babette, Swish and Dennis for all your help!

And to John Dalton for the incredible man and teacher he is!

All  contents and artwork is copy righted material and can not be reproduced or copied . All rights reserved STOTAD 2014

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