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Theme Bike 

"Gone but not Forgotten"

"On a Thursday in February , 2002, something happened that would change our lives forever. We found out that one of our twins, Dusty, had leukemia. He battled his cancer for 9 months.

We bought this bike and had it painted as a rememberance to our sons. The pictures that you see on the bike represent our love: lost and present.


Dusty had a fascination with eagles and motorcycles! Growing up the boys would fight like cats and dogs, yet no one could come between them, even as Dusty was fighting for his life, Kenny was always there.


As you look at the faring, the eagles represent our boys. Dusty is the eagle flying off, and Kenny is circling and staying with us as he continues his journey on this Earth without his brother.

Whenever we are on the bike, the boys are with us, as we experience freedom, not restraints but also a sorrow of a love: lost but not forgotten.


As you see, there is much more to this painting than meets the eye. There are pictures within pictures such as names, small amimals, and ghostly figures. Some were meant to be there and others were not.

Denise Moyer-Lehman is the artist who has the unique talent to portray the emotion of our minds and hearts. She was able to take our thoughts and airbrush them with maximum detail on our bike."


Evan & Deb Lewis



Mom and Babies

Mom and Babies

There are more than 3 babies in the nest...

Can you find the ants, spiders and other lil creatures.......

Annoyed lil babe.......

Annoyed lil babe.......

Can you find the spider?

Eagle talon prints in the sand, fish in the water, along with boats also.

LVCA best paint award

LVCA best paint award

Winner of  numerous " Best Paint" and "Peoples Choice Awards"

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