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The Fine Art of feather painting.
    Using Peacock and Turkey Feathers
The Peacock is a multi-faceted symbol, representing different things to different people, and having significance in both history and mythology.
 To one culture the peacocks feathers symbolize the five elements, air, water,space, earth and fire. To another the feather illustrates inner light. The feathers also symbolize immortality and renewal.
Our peacocks shed their tail and flight feathers annually in order to regenerate a new and brilliant display of beauty.
These offerings from the peacocks provide a perfect and delicate canvas.
The intricate texture  of the feather perfectly blends together with the strokes of the brush which result in a  creation that is sure to be a conversation piece. This enabling the immortality of the peacock feather in a unique art form.
Whether an in-house design or one of your own personal ideas, you will have a very unique and one of a  kind conversation piece.


The Peacock and Turkey Feathers,(supplied by a Taxidermy) roughly  average in size 2" x 9"  (some much smaller , some larger)


All contents and artowrk is copy righted material and can not be reproduced or copied. All rights reserved STOTAD .2014

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